6 Must Todo while using the free WiFi.

Keep mobile OS up to date and Secure.

First and foremost thing that you need to do is to keep your android or iOS or any mobile platform for that matter. Ensure you are updating your apps and operating system always and use them when you are using it on public internet.

Use system security tools to scan the apps which you get through WiFi or Bluetooth.

Ensure you are using the system security tools. Do not download any apps from unknown sources. Because most of the virus Trojans and other malwares gets installed on your phone through this mode only. So be careful when you install a app from your friends through shareit assuming that you are saving data..

Very slow Open public WiFi is always danger.

If public internet is very slow it doesn’t mean that many users are connected. It could be a trap for data steal as well. Any hacker can penetrate your system and Steal the data from you. So beware of connection speed.

Avoid online shopping or banking transactions.

The most important thing you should avoid or not perform any online shopping or banking while you are on public internet. This is a clear trap that you will loose your banking or credit card information to the hackers.

Disable WiFi when done.

Ensure once you are done with public internet access you are turning off WiFi and Bluetooth for sure. This means you are terminating connection to the hackers if you are already compromised.

Never connect to public WiFi without VPN.

When you are on any public internet connection ensure they issue certificate and authentication system is in place. If so avoid connecting to that network. Today we have authentication system are enabled in most places like airport railway stations etc.

To Prevent you from attacks or becoming a victim the option would be for you is to enable two factor

authentication system for all services

which you use today. Almost all services offer this security standards today.

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