Build a Website in just 30 Minutes

In this article we are going to cover and teach you.. how to create a website in just 30 minutes. There are many service providers and hosting companies in India or in the world. All you need to do is to choose the right vendor for your service.

Always look for the ones who provides be 3 to 5 nine’s, this means their availability time of their servers in their data center. In-turn it replicates the availability time of your websites to the end users.

Step 1: Choose the vendor (Godaddy or Hostbig etc) who offer this service.
Step 2: Choose or decide what hosting service you wanted is it Linux or Windows (I prefer Linux), but i run this website in Windows.. :).
Step 3: Also these providers provide you access to the Cpanel which comprises of many various applications and Data bases which you will be using for your website.
Step 4: Install Joomla or WordPress content management system to publish your website.
Step 5: Once it is installed start tuning the template to fit your requirement.
Step 6: Start creating web pages based on your content.

Remember you actually need to define on what is the topic or blog or article you are going to write about. This will ease the work and time spent on the topic.

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