Consolidation of Online Presence

We have been saving our data in multiple online storage providers like Google Drive, One Drive, Drop Box etc. In this article we are going to see how you can organize them in one single location and retain them on a place where you can obtain them when you need it.

The reason for me to write this article is because i personally messed up my data with various storage providers and ended up in having multiple app downloads from the app store and play store.

The best solution i found was Google Drive. I have started using this for almost few years which i cannot recollect, i think from day one i hope..

Best Online Storage

Google Drive

The reason why i recommend this is because they give you 15GB of free storage.. which means you can save 2 years of photograph in one single location. Note this 2 years of suggestion is purely based on my experience.. the space may run out if you are a frequent photographer.. But i take pics on an average of 30 Pics per week (HDR’s).

Now that we have decided the product, we need to integrate them to one single location. I know you have spend some data bandwidth for this but it is what it is as we do not have any integration solution available in the market at the moment. So do download them to a hard drive or to your mobile device or Laptop’s and start uploading them to the Google Drive.


Good practices:

1) Use Tags which you can remember
2) Organize it in a proper folder 
    (Ex: Family,Important Docs, Bills etc.
Note: Imagination is your limit to organize them.

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