What are the steps you need to do when you lost your mobile?

Lost your cell Phone
Lost your cell Phone

This is be an billion dollar question for all of us. In this article i am going to cover few aspects of this.. How are what the steps you need to take to circumvent to this loss. Of course getting back the device may be less possibility but if you follow these steps we are sure that you can save the data for sure.

Backing up your content and using Cloud providers

Backing up data is one of the key aspects on your daily life while using your smart phone. Ensure you are using various cloud providers to save all your data and content. We would recommend the following softwares or application which are free in both android and iOS.

Google Photos

Google Photos allows you to save all your photos on the go, not just saving online they give you data protection more where non one can steal with their enhanced security features like two-way factor authentication system to reset the passwords.


Camscanner application is also free to use and save your important documents as a PDF or image and save them in the secured location of their own cloud or you can export them to the Google drive which is again a storage offering from Google.


Evernote is another great note taking application which you can use to save all your meeting notes on the cloud, you don’t have to worry next time that you will miss the action items and To-do lists.

The above few pointers might be helpful to you to save the data. But how to get back your device if it is lost.

You need to subscribe to the offerings like Google’s find my device, Apple find my device, Redmi find my device etc. This means you can track your device where ever it is and their current location. Ensure you have the IMEI # of your device and handing over to the police station if you are India. They can track the same by using through cyber cell perspective. If any police station declines to track the same, do not hesitate to escalate the matter to their higher officials and track the thief from their perspective. Remember any one can misuse your device if they steal.

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