How to disable factory installed bloatware from your android device?

Delete Or Disable Bloatware

This is one of the major question that we have all the time in our mind. These factory shipped applications create lot of fuzz across the globe. These applications are not always useful but sometimes it creates lot of issues when we use this application.

Here is the below steps you need to follow to remove them from the devices. Not all the devices has the below option. If you don’t find the option one choose option two from this article to help you remove the same from your devices.

Option 1:

Got to play store and navigate to help and support page of the play store for the below string “Delete or Disable apps on Android”. This article will help you how to remove them from your devices. You need to navigate to the application info of an app and remove the same or disable the same for that screen. Try and share your valuable feedback on the comments section below.

Option 2:

If the above option did not work for you, then you have to download an app from the play store called QuickShortcutMaker. This app will let you remove the bloatware from the android phones. Follow the below screenshot and search and do the same procedure by getting in to the app info and remove or disable the app.

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