How to use time effectively


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You need to schedule your tasks appropriately to meet the necessary timelines. You need to split your tasks in such a way that it can be accomplished in 30 minutes to one hour duration. You can various tools like notepad, Evernote, onenote etc. I will run a tutorial which can help you accomplish the same.

Organise your inbox

You will be flooded with your emails when you start your day. You may need to prioritize them before you jump on to any activity. Let’s see some emails can be actioned right away which you would already have that data handy from your tasks or notes that you maintain. Follow my you tube channel for more information on this topic.

Make important calls

This is one of the greatest activity that you need to follow when you want to hit the top of ladder in an organisation. Ensure you don’t spend more time on meetings rather use those time in execution of the tasks. Ensure when you attend those meetings you are prepared and set the agenda for the discussion. Whether you organise or you can make out the respective outcome of that discussion from the meetings subject. This is very vital for us to be succeeded as a leader. Watch out for my meeting preparation video on my you tube channel.

Double check your schedule

This is yet another aspect to be a successful leader. You may need to cross verify your calendar all the time and prep for the meetings if your involvement is more on those meetings. Ensure you are on time for those discussions. Not early not late though. This is very vital for a leader to be punctual though the team can wait for your presence and arrival but you need to respect others time as well. Because this is the only thing in this world which cannot be bought. So use it wisely and be on time for your meetings.

Get to work early

Yet another aspect for a great leader. You may need to think and set a role model or example for your peers. Being early to office will give you sufficient time to catch up with all the mail’s and meetings preparation etc. This would help you gain some time with your team members which are very vital for business. Though we put in automation in many aspects respecting others time and feelings is always best. Not just that you may get some time extra for that chit chat over the lunch breaks.

If you are not a techy person you can use physical notepad and a pen to jot down key pointers from those discussions and strike through as and when it is accomplished or achieved.

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